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                                  Courthouse photo by Anna Riback

    The League of Women Voters of Brown County is a nonpartisan cadre of local men and women committed to education and improvement of Brown County, State and National government.  Everyone is welcome to participate. 

    Meetings are held at 10:00 am, the second Monday of every month, in the lower level of the Brown County Public Library.

    Democracy is not 

    a spectator sport!

    Health Report on Brown County 

    During the fall semester of 2012, the IU Kelley School of Business assigned four graduate students to work with Brown Countians for Quality Health Care.  The students interviewed many local health providers and decision-makers to try to determine the barrier to full health coverage in our county and suggest solutions. 

    The Brown County League of Women Voters fully supports this effort, in keeping with the state and national positions on health care.  Several of our League members are also part of Brown Countians for Quality Health Care.

    Click HERE to download a copy of the Final Report.


    League of Women Voters to Sponsor

    A Vision 2020 Community Conversation on
    Wellness and Heritage Tourism


    In this community conversation we will bring together the various wellness and heritage components discussed in three community conversations in the Fall 2011. They focused on 1. Brown County's many natural assets, the State Park, Hoosier Forest, lakes and forested landscapes with trails, waterways and outdoor adventure and 2. Its cultural and historic assets, Nashville with 70 historic structures, including the Historic Courthouse and Pioneer Village, with the T.C. Steele, artist galleries and studios, stores with arts and crafts and more.

    To be truly well you need a healthy lifestyle and then participate in all those activities that provide enjoyment: family and friends, food, recreation and life-time sports, walking, hiking, swimming, historic sites, arts, art galleries, museums, theaters, stores with local or Indiana products, entertainment, restaurants with local specialties. Community wellness and a rich and inspiring environment will lead to a healthy economy and will benefit those living there as well as visitors to the area.

    The consensus reached with the 2011 conversations was that we needed an Inventory of our many Brown County assets.  In 2013 with the help of a group of Kelley School of Business students, the League did an "An Assessment and Inventory of Brown County's Rich Heritage: Natural, Historic, Cultural." 
     Assessment May 2014 first draft.pdf

    The National Trust’s definition of cultural heritage tourism is “traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes historic, cultural and natural resources."

    SRI International - - defines wellness tourism as all travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal well-being. The wellness tourism economy includes all expenditures made by tourists on these types of leisure and business trips, including lodging, food and beverage, activities/excursions, shopping and transport.

    Linking Brown County’s many and varied resources can do more for the local economy than promoting them separately. Brown County can leverage its natural, historic, cultural and human assets to attract tourists to stay for a vacation or a get-away, and at the same time contribute to a quality of life that enhances the Brown County experience.

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