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Brown County Fiscal Study

Brown County Fiscal Study & Positions 

At their 2013 Annual Meeting, members of the League of Women Voters of Brown County discussed the need for a study of the fiscal management and developmental decision-making provided by Brown County’s elected officials, in order to define a League position on the county’s fiscal health and economic development management.  Their concerns were phrased as a Study Question: How is Brown County’s fiscal viability advanced or hindered, based on the accountability, transparency and coordination with which the County’s elected and appointed officials approach financial and developmental decision-making?

Members of the Study Committee interviewed key officials, employees and appointed board members, attended meetings of county elected and appointed boards and commissions, sat in on budget hearings, and reviewed in depth the reports provided by county officials to the State of Indiana.  We identified key revenues and costs of local government, as well as critical gaps in planning and development.

In the time since LWVBC began this study, there has been significant improvement in fiscal management and accountability, and to some extent in the approach to development on the part of county officials and employees. 

Fiscal Study Positions of Brown County Dec 2017

Fiscal Study Final of Brown County Dec 2017